Gratitude. by somi

Photo by Terrence Jennings

Photo by Terrence Jennings


I left New York for Lagos almost exactly three years ago and, last week, I finally celebrated the release of the new body of work created while away - The Lagos Music Salon.  Oh, what joy! 

My gorgeous band, my dearest friends, kind-hearted strangers who have supported me over the years, fabulous new friends in town from Lagos, and my beautiful, wondrous mother beaming front and center. 

I have no words to express the high I experienced that night.  I have no adequate tales to regale you with about the light I saw in the hundreds of eyes set wide and fixed in shadowy, nodding heads and my heart's attempt to reflect it back to them.  I can only offer each of you who were there or who sent love from afar or who bought the album my deepest gratitude.  ♥

To Magic & Memory by somi

During my morning meditation today, Deepak Chopra whispered the age-old reminder that "I attract that which I am."  So, here I am, ya'll.  Ready to open my heart and spread love in hopes that you'll be willing to do the same. 

This is my first official journal entry on my new website and I look forward to sharing random musings on magic and memory.  You can visit my old journal HERE if you'd like to have a sense of what's to come.  In the meantime, thanks so much for stopping by. 

The poet Rumi once said, "What you seek is seeking you."   I look forward to finding each other along the way.  ♥